29 March 2022

Which Zodiac sign is most likely to cheat?

Which sign do you think cheats the most? Geminis, famous for their moodiness, also quickly get bored with everything; is it the attention-seeker Leos who always want to be in the spotlight; Scorpios, who have a different charm and are also known for their sex drive? Let’s find out which one is most likely to cheat.

Does Aries cheat?

Brave, energetic, indecisive, and prone to sudden starts, Arians can be selfish in their relationships and easily cheat on their partner. Aries ranks 2nd among the most unfaithful signs!

Does Taurus cheat?

Patient, stubborn, consistent, slowpoke, and not very open to innovations, Taureans do not stand out among the unfaithful signs. Taureans, who are on firm ground, may sometimes tend to cheat because of their fondness for pleasure.


Does Gemini cheat?

Communication master, changeable, freedom-loving, active, and impatient Geminis, as you can imagine, are one of the closest signs of cheating. Geminis, who get bored easily and are reluctant to commit, are the 3rd most unfaithful sign.

Does Cancer cheat?

Traditionalist, sensitive, home-loving, self-sacrificing Cancers are very attached to their families and do not like innovations or change. That’s why they are one of the most distant signs to cheat. Cancers can only be unfaithful when they are cheated or ignored by their partners.

Does Leo cheat?

Leos, who always want to be under the spotlight, are selfish, generous, ambitious and need attention and want to be flattered. Leo ranks 1st among the most unfaithful signs and brags about it. Cheating for Leos, whose most desired thing in life is to be praised and admired, is inevitable, especially when they do not get the attention they expect from their partners.


Does Virgo cheat?

It is very difficult to expect Virgos, who are perfectionist, neat, sensible, conformist, and very fond of their health, to cheat. Realistic and hardworking Virgos don’t like spending too much time having fun; they value loyalty and would rather break up than cheat.

Does Libra cheat?

Cheating is not really a preferred behaviour for Libras who are social, friendly, intellectual, fair, peace-seeker, and not very open to novelty. Libras, who don’t like solitude, can often change partners, but that doesn’t mean they’re not reliable.

Does Scorpio cheat?

Contrary to expectations, charismatic, mysterious, fussy, reliable, patient, and jealous Scorpios are very loyal to their partners and are one of the last signs to cheat. Their passion for sex does not encourage them to cheat; Scorpios’ biggest reason for cheating is the desire for revenge.


Does Sagittarius cheat?

Adventurous, optimistic, fun, independent, and sympathetic Sagittarians reflect their extroverted characters in their relationships, too; they are one of the most unfaithful signs. A Sagittarius would have to be very, very in love with someone to commit and be complete devotion.

Does Capricorn cheat?

It will not be easy to cheat for Capricorns, who are traditional, authoritarian, responsible, disciplined, and materialistic. It’s not easy to build a home for them, but when they find someone like them, who is reliable, they can be happy together.

Does Aquarius cheat?

For Aquarians who are intelligent, curious, innovative, original, logical, and want to devote themselves to humanity, there are more important issues in this world than love. Aquarians, who love to develop deep friendships and love relationships, must be truly in love with someone else to cheat.

Does Pisces cheat?

Dreamy, sensitive, calm, creative, romantic, and very amenable to devotion to others, Pisceans cannot be easily unfaithful. Beautiful and moving compliments may confuse them, but high feelings of compassion and tenderness do not let Pisceans be unfaithful.