6 April 2022

What should you be doing to be happy?

Global warming, political conflicts, overpopulation, hunger, and poverty… It is no longer easy to be happy when all is happening all over the world. Well, what if we wanted to give you a clue to discover the happiness that is already inside of you... Most people expect happiness from the outer...


6 April 2022

What animal is your soulmate?

Which friend of ours in the animal kingdom do you feel closest to? Astrology is a language of symbols, and just as there is a planet, gemstone, colour, fragrance, flower, etc., that represents each sign, there are some animals for each and every one of them, too. Let's see which animal represents...


29 March 2022

Which Zodiac sign is most likely to cheat?

Which sign do you think cheats the most? Geminis, famous for their moodiness, also quickly get bored with everything; is it the attention-seeker Leos who always want to be in the spotlight; Scorpios, who have a different charm and are also known for their sex drive? Let's find out which one is most...

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