23 February 2022


Sagittarius is the 9th sign on the Zodiac. So, what kind of a picture does it paint with its traits? Here is some information related to love, career, and health that generally defines a Sagittarius!

Positive traits: Optimistic, excitable, sincere, explorer, merciful, athletic, adventurer, honest, generous, idealist, lucky.

Negative traits: Loves arguing, is nervous, nonchalant, fanatic, know-all, weird.

Likes: Travelling, working out, pets, being free, challenging people, flirting.

Dislikes: Routines, following rules, being restrained, people with negative energy, people that value materialistic things over spiritual ones.

Needs to learn: To listen to others, to care about simple things while getting to the bottom of things, to learn setting aside more time for their loved ones, to avoid being a fanatic, to be patient, to talk politely, to avoid making promises they can’t keep.

Countries and cities they would love to live in: Every city or country that houses different cultures will make Sagittarians happy. They can live in places like Australia, Scotland, Ireland, France, Indonesia, Phuket, Sri Lanka, Japan, India, Tunisia.

Sagittarius Zodiac sign traits

Sagittarius is the ninth-tangible-fire sign of the Zodiac. Its ruler is Mars in classical astrology and Pluto in modern astrology. People of this sign, whose ruler is Jupiter, are naturally optimistic and inspiring. They always evaluate things they go through with a positive attitude and believe that everything will change one day. This belief is so strong that they acquire everything they want with time. Their success inspires many. Those that are going through hard times can learn to look at life more positively by spending time with Sagittarians.

People of this sign, which is represented by the planet of luck, are generally lucky. They can attract many opportunities with no effort. Also they love travelling. They enjoy learning about new cultures and meeting new people. That’s why they can spend most of their time by making travel plans. They are adventurous and they have a striking energy. They can easily charm those around them with their free spirit, enthusiasm and optimism.

When Sagittarians want something, they act to get it. They are impatient. Fortunately the planet of luck protects them and helps them to reach their goals without experiencing big problems. They are curious. They try to find the meaning of life by learning and exploring. They have strong philosophical thinking ability. These characteristics may sometimes lead them to become fanatics. As long as they avoid taking sides, they can both achieve the happiness they want and be useful to those around them.

Sagittarius in love life:

They generally like flirting. As they love being free, they may have a hard time settling down. They don’t like being restricted; the moment a relationship interferes with their life they may get away from it. If you are with a Sagittarius, you need to give them space. If you both approach them with passion and be friends with them, your relationship will last longer.

They are passionate, energetic and charming in their love lives. They can easily show their emotions to their partners and sweep their feet off the floor. But feeling sad for someone that is leaving them is not their style. They quickly recover and set sail towards new relationships.

Sagittarians have unconventional expectations from their partners. They don’t care about marriage, as rules smother them. They want to have a partner with who they can travel, discuss philosophy, experience different things and have lots of fun. Being friends with their partner is very important for them. This bond will make their relationship permanent.

How is Sagittarius about career and money?

Sagittarians, who inspire many with their view of life, have the potential to have the same effect in their career. They need only work in a position where they can be free and learn new things. Routine works smother them and cause them to be unhappy and unsuccessful. That’s why works with fixed working hours and at which they can’t improve themselves are not for them.

Sagittarians can achieve great successes in professions like academician, travel show producer, presenter, influencer, teacher, advertiser, journalist, senator, psychologist, pharmacist, judge and reporter. They are obsessed with nature and sports. This passion may help some of them to become athletes or activists.

Sagittarians, who are optimistic in materialistic issues, love spending money. With the support of Jupiter, they always strive to overcome their economic boundaries. They think everything through and may plan to make big investments. They are not afraid to take risks. This may lead them to experience disappointments from time to time. They don’t care about saving money. They are focused on spending the money they earn, especially investing in themselves. Not earning a lot doesn’t make them unhappy. On the contrary, their ability to find activities to enjoy with what little money they have is praiseworthy.

Sagittarius in health:

Sagittarius signifies pancreas, calves, thighs and hip. Their love of eating, drinking and having fun may lead them to have problems in these areas. They need regular diet and sleep to protect themselves.

They generally love sports. This helps them stay fit and strengthens their immune system. They can quickly get better after getting sick. Their strong body and optimistic nature help them recover in a few days.

Which Zodiac signs does Sagittarius get along with?

They easily get along with fire and air signs. They have high compatibility with Leo, Libra, Aquarius and Aries. They have a lot to learn from Geminis. Although it is hard to establish a bond between these signs, they may find it hard to separate from each other.

Here are the Sagittarius celebrities

Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, Amy Lee, Rita Ora, Miley Cyrus, Woody Allen, Taylor Swift, Ben Stiller, Tina Turner, Adam Brody, Adan Canto.