23 February 2022


Leo is the 5th sign on the Zodiac. So, what kind of a picture does it paint with its traits? Here is some information related to love, career, and health that generally defines a Leo!

Positive traits: Decisive, extraverted, smart, self-confident, passionate, born leader, honest, prideful.

Negative traits: Jealous and possessive, dominant, wants to exert dominance.

Likes: Luxury, nightlife, helping those that require support, planning organizations, shopping, vacations and enjoying life.

Dislikes: Their authority being questioned, shabby bars and cafes, sloppy outfit styles, letting oneself go.

Needs to learn: To be humble and show their emotions.

Countries and cities they would love to live in: Leos can be happy in warm places where celebrities live. Italy, Sicily, Turkey, Rome, Prague, Mumbai, Portugal, Spain.

Leo Zodiac sign traits

The fixed element Fire sign Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac. Its ruler is Sun that represents energy of living and vitality. Leos have a flashy and extraverted demeanor; they have a unique lifestyle.

In charts, house in which Leo is, the need to flaunt and attract attention is deeply felt. As with all fire signs, they want to enjoy life. They have a strong ego and self-confidence. Excessively showing these emotions may tire those around them sometimes.

Leos, who take good care of themselves, always want to look well-groomed. They have high self-confidence. By making people around them feel this confidence, they can overcome many things.

They are generous. They can share what they have with others without hesitation. As they are a fixed sign, they don’t like changing their comfort zone and are attached to their habits. They can be that essential life of the party at social organizations or nightlife in their city.

Leo in love life:

So how are Leos in love life with their traits? Leos love being honest in their relationships. They share their thoughts and emotions without fear. They prefer having intense, passionate relationships. Love and affection are very important to a Leo, and there is always a lot of time for this in their life. They need exiting relationships. They can quickly fall in love but struggle to maintain a long relationship. If they find someone they can love for a long time, they can get married right away. They want their partner to look good, and love flirting. If their partner can’t meet their expectations, they can easily feel disappointed. That’s why Leos may want to get in touch with people they had relationships in the past from time to time.

How is Leo about career and money?

With their charismatic personality, Leos are natural born leaders. They can be successful in jobs where they can show their creative skills. They thrive on stage. They can make impressive presentations and give lessons.

Because of the self-confidence they have, they can be successful in projects they take part in. That’s why they will always have good relationships with their bosses. They can quickly rise in the ranks in the professional life and get promotions. They need their workspaces and rooms to be flashy. This way, they can be better motivated in work.

They have a high chance to be successful in fields like management, public relations, advertisement, creative writing, and acting. A typical Leo is perfect for a career in acting, singing or any performing art. Whatever their profession is, Leos will want to be known with their work.

Leo is a fixed fire sign. That’s why they generally pick a career path and stick to it. When they work in a position they love, they become trustworthy, loyal and generous colleagues.

Because of their generosity towards themselves and others, they have a hard time saving money. They like risky investments. Even if they need money, they don’t want others to notice it.

Leo in health:

Leo represents heart, spine and back.        Tachycardia, hernia, and chronic diseases may be on their agenda. They are prone to inflammatory diseases. Because they prefer an active lifestyle and love nightlife, they may experience chronic tiredness. That’s why they need to take care of their health. Joining detox programs and dieting occasionally may affect their heart positively. They like staying in shape by exercising. They may become a renowned member of luxurious and famous gyms.

Which zodiac signs does Leo get along with?

They can have long, happy relationships with air signs Gemini and Libra. They might also be happy to be with fire signs Aries and Sagittarius. They have a chance to lead peaceful lives, meeting each other’s needs.

Here are the Leo celebrities

Madonna, Dustin Hoffman, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, Meghan Markle, Barack Obama.