15 March 2022

Do you know the colors of astrological signs? Find out what your lucky color is!

What does astrology reveal about the colors of the signs? What’s the color that defines you, represents your character, and brings you luck? Let’s find the answers to these questions together.

Each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac has unique characteristics; from their eating habits to the travel destination they should pick, from their communication skills to their way of experiencing love and affection… Listen to astrology and use the colors we’ll whisper to you at your home and your wardrobe. Use this color on your furniture, objects on the wall and tables, clothes, jewelry, everywhere… Don’t forget to use less of other colors while increasing the intensity of these colors. Also, make sure to read and include the recommended colors of your ascendant and Moon signs in your life.

Red, black, or white? What’s your color? Read on to find out!

Color of Aries:


Ruled by Mars, Aries’ color is definitely red! Arians can use light tones of red anywhere.

Color of Taurus:


Ruled by Venus, Taurus’ color is green! Tones of green, which represents nature and blue will bring luck to Taureans.

Color of Gemini:


Ruled by Mercury, Geminis’ colors are white, gray, silver, and yellow! They can use these colors on both their clothes and at home without hesitation.

Color of Cancer:


Ruled by the Moon, Cancer’s colors are definitely white and cream! These romantic and pure colors will bring luck to Cancers.

Color of Leo:


Ruled by the Sun, Leo’s color is definitely golden! Also, they can use the colors red, yellow, and orange on both their clothes and at home without fear. 

Color of Virgo:


Ruled by Mercury, the primary color of Virgo is green! Using shades of earth, blue, and grey on their clothes and objects will bring Virgos luck.

Color of Libra:


Ruled by Venus, the colors of Libra are pink and blue! They can bravely use pastel tones in every aspect of their lives.

Color of Scorpio:


Ruled by Pluton, the colors of Scorpio are black and navy-blue. Scorpios can also use the colors dark red, bordeaux red, and purple in any way they like.

Color of Sagittarius:


Ruled by Jupiter, the primary colors of Sagittarius are purple, turquoise, and lilac. Sagittarians can attract luck with amethyst color as well.

Color of Capricorn:


Ruled by Saturn, Capricorns should mostly prefer darker colors! They can attract luck by using black, gray, and brown.

Color of Aquarius:


Ruled by Uranus, the color of Aquarius is electric-blue! Metallic tones and shades of blue will bring luck to them.

Color of Pisces:


Ruled by Neptune, the color of Pisces is definitely white! Pisceans can safely use aquamarine and shades of blue on both their clothes and at home.